The LESEBI beach bag tote collection is our way of making your life both fashionable and convenient. Here at LESEBI Beachwear, we strive to create the best beach bags that are authentic to the traditional tote design while meeting the 2016 fashion trends. You can count on us for a high-quality bag; we promise that it is worth the price.

History of the Tote

The traditional tote bag originated in Japan. Traditional aspects of a tote bag include a large open pouch (typically canvas) with leather handles that come from the top of the bag. Tote literally means “to carry” and first entered fashion culture in the early to mid 20th century. In the United States, L.L. Bean created a Boat Bag in the 1940s that mirrored the traditional design. Women easily toted around this bag instead of large, clunky bags of luggage. It wasn’t until the 1990s that women used tote bags as a fashionable way to carry day-to-day items. This is in large part due to Kate Spade’s use of the bag, and as a fashion icon, women everywhere quickly adopted her style.

LESEBI Beachwear’s Beach Bag Tote

We are proud to maintain the historical aspects in our tote designs. However, we’ve added a few modern touches to exceed your expectations. LESEBI creates the best beach bags because we have a space specifically for your towel. Aside the canvas beach bag pouch, you’ll find an added flap of leather to hold your towel outside your bag. This way you can pack more goodies into your tote by eliminating the need to carry your towel inside the bag; plus, your belongings will stay dry on your way home since the towel packs externally.

LESEBI Beachwear offers only two designs of beach bag totes because we focus on quality and authentic designs. You can take pride in the fact that you are one of the few that is toting one of the best bags available today.

Don't forget to top off your beach experience by rocking one of LESEBI's great designer swimsuits and barefoot anklet jewelry.
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